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NSU Needs Your Support in Retool Your School

Vote Today and Every Day

Retool Your School is back, and they’re “powered up for 2023” as they kick off “an expanded program to help HBCUs remain powerhouses of excellence.” According to, “The Campus Improvement Grant competition – the pillar of the Retool Your School Program – will return in 2023. This year, The Home Depot is doubling the available grant pool. For example, last year, each first-place school received $75,000. In 2023, the first-place winner in each cluster will receive $150,000. Increased awards will help HBCUs undertake bigger, better, and bolder campus improvement projects.”

Toward that end, Norfolk State University asks for your vote in the “Retool Your School” campaign as we set our sights on improving our landmark water fountain seen from Park Avenue. Catch the vision with us and give us your votes! 

ImageA new fountain would greatly enrich the campus by providing new concrete paneling, lettering, a statue, and a water pumping system. The fountain equipment would be modified to support the inclusion of a Spartan Statue that would allow water to be continuously circulated at the base of the structure. The water fountain would become a focal point at the east end of campus and create a sense of pride for students, promoting school spirit and continued excellence. 

Existing benches and planters in the area would be replaced as well. The total project cost, including a demo of existing paneling, installation of new paneling, new lettering, statue, and upgrading of the water pump system, benches, and planter repairs, would cost approximately $150,000.

So yes, we’re shooting for the First-Place win in the Campus Improvement Grant Awards in the 2023 Retool Your School program!

Online voting runs now through Sunday, March 26, at 11:59 p.m. EST (“Voting Period”). During the Voting Period, you can vote for Norfolk State University via or through social media by using #RYSNSU in any social media post. Each published hashtag counts as one vote, so make sure you share those, too. Votes are cumulative (i.e., they reflect all votes from the beginning of the Voting Period). Site voting will be unlimited during the Voting Period, so we’re counting on you to get us over the top and help us get that First-Place win!