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Statement About Mass Shooting

Statement About Mass Shooting

My dear Norfolk State, it is with great sorrow and pain that I write you today. This continued violence leaves us hurt and bewildered. We continue to try to find ways to cope today and change the world going forward. It is my hope that you and your families are safe and well. 

Over the past few weeks our community, both local and higher education, have been rocked by far too many mass shootings, including the one last night, that have tragically ended the lives of victims, ending their hopes and dreams and leaving a void in the lives of their families and loved ones. Each incident tears at the fiber that binds our lives to one another and undercuts the safety that we feel in the communities where we live, learn, and experience each other.

Please be assured that we are taking steps to help keep you and our campus safe. To our students, we are providing hands-on safety training on Tuesday, November 29. Announcements have been sent out about this training, and I hope that you attend. Students may also download the TimelyCare App at and make an appointment to see an online counselor.

To best prepare yourself for an active shooter event, we encourage the campus community to view the Run. Hide. Fight. video provided to you below. 

  Run. Hide. Fight. Video*

All state employees have included in their health plans, access to employee assistance programs (EAPs). This includes up to four free sessions for services including mental health, alcohol or drug assessment, child or elder care, grief counseling and legal or financial services. Information regarding these programs can be found at this link:

We must be vigilant and remain so. The safety of our community is everyone's responsibility. If you hear about or have suspicions about someone or a potential act, please step forward and provide that information to our NSU Police Department at 757-823-8102. You may provide this information anonymously.

We are praying for the victims and their families. May we all remain healthy and safe. 


Javaune Adams-Gaston, Ph.D.