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Babbette Smith North Hall Fire Update

Babbette Smith North Hall Fire Update

Babbette Smith North HallLast week Babbette Smith North Hall experienced a fire and the response by the sprinkler system resulted in minor restoration needs and temporary relocation of the residents. No structural damage occurred, and a professional restoration vendor has mitigated moisture permeation.

The Fire Marshall has deemed the facility safe and cleared it for occupancy. To begin resettling our students, we are returning all affected students to campus. The University remains attentive and responsive to student needs, and we are doing everything possible to minimize disruptions caused by this unforeseeable incident. 

There have been social media posts circulating about donations for students. This request for assistance is not an official university message, and Norfolk State University officials have not confirmed needs that surpass our current campus resources. 

If you receive calls or inquiries about making donations to support the students, please assure the caller that we appreciate their care.

We will be sure to develop an official support campaign if a need arises. If the caller is persistent in donating, please let them know that the best way to contribute is by donating to Student Life Enrichment Fund #304490, NSU Food/Basic Needs Pantry #305370, or the Areas of Greatest Need #302900 using the following link:

Babbette Smith North HallFunds should not be given directly to students. 

You may also direct callers to contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life regarding the fire by emailing or calling 757.823.8407.