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NSU Student Support Services Receives 2.5 Million Grant

The Norfolk State University Student Support Services Program/TRIO has been approved for five more years (2020-2025) after receiving a $2,500,720 grant. These funds will be used to provide a variety of supportive services for 412 eligible program participants. The supportive services include grant aid, tutorial services, financial literacy education, a professional and caring full-time staff, social, cultural, and career educational activities, and a host of other activities. 

The NSU Student Support Services Program is the highest funded SSS Program in the State of Virginia. Our success during the 2020-2025 proposal funding cycle was made possible because of a host of NSU colleagues, friends and students who helped our writing team compile the data and information necessary to score a grade of 122 out of 125.  

Ms. Valerie Holmes, Director of NSU's Student Support Services thanked her program staff: Sylvia A. Sutton, Angela L. Daniels, Temond J. Jones, and Minerva Feliciano-Chase, our team of 15 dedicated Tutor/Peer Mentors, the Office of Sponsored Programs, Grants Accounting and Contracts, the Dean of Students and the Division of Student Affairs. 

In 2021 the Student Support Services Program will celebrate its 50th Anniversary on the campus of Norfolk State University. We hope you all will join us for our special celebration. Behold the Green and Gold!