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NSU Receives Military Friendly Designation for Third Consecutive Year

by By Rebekah Davis Communications and Marketing -

military friendly school - bronze award

For the third consecutive year, Norfolk State University was recognized as a military friendly school due to its ability to attract and retain veterans and active-duty students and employees. The most recent designation is for 2018-19.

The bronze recognition, which NSU received, means that the University is within the top 40 percent of schools after those recognized as the top-10. NSU scored at least 16 percent above standard ratings in six categories: academic policies and compliance, admissions and orientations, culture and commitment, financial aid and assistance, graduation and career and military student support and retention. The category NSU most excelled in was admission and orientation, 82 percent above standard.

Military Friendly, a branch of Victory Media, gives the recognition to schools based on both services to students in general and service to veterans, said Wayne Ivey, director of the Military Student and Veterans Affairs Office.

“We’re involved in making sure that the classes that they sign up for are a part of their program. We ensure that they remain on track for graduation,” Ivey said. “We offer any type of counseling they need. We also make the tutoring services available to them. We do all those things for the veterans to ensure they’re successful while they’re here at Norfolk State.”

Receiving the award is a three-step process. First, schools complete a survey that confirms their accreditations and status, as well as other institution rates, like graduation and job placement. Then, Military Friendly uses public data to ensure good standing in certain federal programs, such as Armed Forces Tuition Assistance Funding, Veteran Success on Campus and the Eight Keys of Veteran Success program. Finally, Military Friendly ensures there are no flags against the university, such as veteran student complaints.  

The recognition shows the work that the Military Student and Veteran Affairs Office does to make sure students’ achievement is successful.

“When you have an outside organization looking at the things that you do, it verifies that the things that we do take care of our military veteran students,” Ivey said.

While Norfolk State University has received this award many times, each year it tries to do better. “Our goal is to eventually move up to a military friendly gold school,” said Ivey.