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“Another Chance”

Increasing opportunities for people with criminal backgrounds


“To assist men and women who have been involved in the justice system with overcoming barriers to success. While providing access to education and resources;  with a focus on reducing bias and injustice.”

The “Another Chance” program is an initiative at Norfolk State University to increase access to education and resources for individuals who were formerly or are currently incarcerated. Research has continually shown that access to education can help to reduce recidivism.

This is a pilot program with the ultimate goal of providing on-going collegiate courses at the local correctional facilities. The program also aims to help connect those who are justice involved with valuable resources that can increase their chances for success. We aim to advocate for social justice and reduce the barriers and biases surrounding criminal convictions.

This is a pilot program and we will need the support of the entire Norfolk State community to ensure it’s on-going success. Please join us for our “Another Chance” seminar on October 20th ,2023.

We are seeking professors who would be willing to volunteer their time to teach courses at a local jail once a week. Please email Dean Dr. Isiah Marshall at if you are interested.

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