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African and African Diasporan Studies

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Certificate African and African Diasporan Studies

This certificate program is designed for those students who are interested in the making of the cultures of persons of African descent. The histories of the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, and North America are its key elements. Participating faculty will require students to engage in multidisciplinary approaches in studying the formation of racial and ethnic identities, among other topics, in African and African Diasporan cultures. The program will underscore the connection between the formation of those identities and economic developments in their surrounding societies.


Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
HIS 335 African American History to 1877 3
HIS 336 African American History Since 1877 3
HIS 370 African History and Culture 1 3
HIS 372 African Diaspora History and Culture 3


Electives (select one from each group)

Group 1

Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
HIS 371 African History and Culture II 3
HIS 490E Major Themes in Contemporary Africa 3

Group 2

Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
HIS 365 Caribbean and  Latin American history 3
HIS 446 Colonial Latin America 3
HIS 448 Slavery in the Atlantic Basin 3

Group 3

Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
ENG 383 African American Literature 3
ENG 384 African American Literature: Poetry 3
ENG 385 African American Literature: Fiction 3
ENG 432 African and African American Novel 3
ENG 433 African and African American Biography and Autobiography 3
ENG 440 Seminar in African and African American Literature 3
ENG 458 Southern Black Female Aesthetic 3

Group 4

Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
DRM 219 African American Drama 3
FIA 370 African American Art 3
MUS 234 African American Music 3
MUS 335 Jazz Literature and Criticism 3
MUS 336 Jazz History 3

Group 5

Course Course Title Credit Hrs.
GEO 337 Geography of Africa 3
REL 330 History and Theology of the Black Church 3
JRN 299 African Americans and Mass Media 3
POS 315 Politics of African Nations 3
PSY 340 Psychology of African Americans 3
SOC 237 Racial and Cultural Minorities 3
INT 412 Contemporary Globalization  

Note: Other courses may be substituted with the permission of the program coordinator or chair.