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COLA Brochures

College of Liberal Arts
The Power of Discovery

COLA Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Transformative education that enables students to maximize their potential to become creative, independent thinkers and lifelong learners who adopt and contribute ethically to evolving national and international societies.

Drama & Theatre Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Education You Can Trust.  Drama & Theatre has the power to transform, educate, provide cultural awareness and introduce social change. The Drama & Theatre Program at NSU serves as the training ground for the nationally recognized NSU Theatre Company. 

Fine Arts Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
We recognize that tomorrow’s creativity takes root today; therefore we invest in giving you a strong foundation for creative expressions.  Our community partnerships provide you with maximum exposure. You make real art: you meet people, you help build a community.

History Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Learn with us.  Explore uncharted waters with professors who do original research and shed new light on pressing questions of our time.

Interdisciplinary Studies Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Cross-cultural integrated disciplinary knowledge in African American Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociolinguistics, Globalization, and more.

Languages Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Everything begins with a word, and words create the realities that surround us. Discover the Power of the Word through studies in English & Foreign Languages.

MCJR Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Mass Communications and  Journalism.  Our students have access to intellectual and practical expertise. Our learning environment is open and inclusive, equipped with high-tech classrooms and production studios.

Music Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Learn music in a nurturing environment with successful professionals who care. Be a part of our internationally acclaimed  music programs. Grow musically with us.

Political Science Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
We provide instruction for students planning careers in law, public and non-profit management, urban planning, research, teaching, U.S. politics, and foreign affairs. Become a part of the World Affairs Council - meet movers and shakers from all over the world! 

Psychology Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
Learn about how we think and act. The ways we sense and perceive help us interpret the world. That is the study of psychology. Come with us on an exciting journey of empowering your mind. Studying psychology at NSU equips you to understand human behavior, mental processes and the reasons behind our actions. 

Sociology Undergraduate Brochure - pdf
We support and encourage students to develop their full potential and achieve excellence while responding to an ever-evolving society by developing innovative programs to solve social problems in America and beyond.