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Street Smarts + Book Smarts

Street smarts + Book Smarts
A First-Year Learning Community

In this Learning Community, the focus is on superpowers that you can develop by thinking, learning, reading, writing, discussing, and experiencing the surprising ways that school speaks to your experiences outside of school, and the ways that your experiences in life can be used to create your unique powers here at Norfolk State University.

As a learning community, Street Smarts, Book Smarts Scholars will aim to:

  • Assist students with their transition to college and socialization into their scholarly and professional identities.
  • Develop advanced reading and writing competency.
  • Use your real-life experiences to enhance your academic world.
  • Transfer academic work to real-life experiences
  • Gain experience and practice in how to use schooling to enhance goals outside of school.
  • Help Scholars to develop transferable skills which can be applied to their future work environment.



  • FALL- ENG 101 College English I           SEM 101 Spartan Seminar 
  • SPRING- ENG 102 College English II    SEM 102 Spartan Seminar

Residence Hall

Contact Information 
Michele Rozga, MFA, PhD, COI
Associate Professor of English
Department of English and Foreign Languages