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    Division of Drama
      Visual and Performing Arts

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Theatre & Drama at NSU boasts a long and legendary reputation for producing well-trained artists and presenting exceptional performances. Today we continue to amaze and enrich our audiences and develop skilled, creative, intelligent, disciplined, professional and successful theatre practitioners who impact and enhance our campus, our community, and the world.

The Division of Drama serves its students by providing them with rigorous curriculum, dedicated faculty, individualized attention, internship opportunities, guidance and resources for post-graduation career preparation and has helped to catapult its’ participants into successful careers in theatre, television & film.

NSU Theatre Company is the award-winning, nationally recognized, presenting organization for theatrical productions on campus. The company has garnered wide-spread audience acclaim, multiple honors and awards for excellence and presents an annual four-show season of plays and musicals. The company offers its' members numerous professional-grade performance and production opportunities, exposure to national competitions and conferences and internships in all areas of theatre.

Whether you have sought us out for training in acting, singing, dancing, directing, designing, producing or managing you have certainly come to the right place--at the absolute best time!

Professor Anthony Stockard
Director, Division of Drama & NSU Theatre Company
Email: amstockard@nsu.edu   l   Office: (757) 823-2897