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Praxis Lab

Praxis Lab

Come in and enhance your skills!

The Virginia State Department of Education has put in place policies that require pre-service teacher education candidates to pass Praxis I. The Praxis Lab was created to enhance the basic reading, writing, and mathematic skills of Norfolk State University Teacher Education students to successfully pass the Praxis I, VCLA, and Praxis II exams.

The Praxis Lab was also the location of the new grant program, Enhancing Secondary Education, where students may receive additional assistance preparing for the exams.


Please come by the Praxis Lab (Bozeman RM 161) to enroll and take the Plato Praxis Core Skills and VCLA practice tests through Edmentum/Plato Learning.

Professors who would like to schedule usage of the Praxis Lab for their classes or have any questions can call 757-823-8562.

*Please note as of 2021, we are waiting for the renewal of the Edmentum program to finalize so students will have to wait to receive their usernames and passwords until further notice.

Lab Hours

*Due to COVID-19 the lab will run Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice. Hours are subject to change.*

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 9:00am to 4:00pm
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: CLOSED