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Student Support

New Help Desk Procedures

Our highest priority is the health and safety of the NSU Community. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is making changes in order to protect our customers and our staff.  Beginning 3 AprilOIT Client Services Helpdesk will no longer provide walkup services. All OIT on-campus services will be by appointment only.  Please call the Help Desk at (757) 823-8678 to make the appointments. Stay Safe.

Student on Campus Assistance

Students may visit one of the OIT-managed computer laboratories in the University Library, Nursing and General Education, or the Wood Sciences Building for assistance. Prepare to show either the University identification card or other picture identification in order to receive assistance & access account.

Student Off Campus Assistance

Students experiencing any issues with your account, please contact clientservices at 757-823-8678 or email


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Personal Computers or Devices

NSU OIT Client Services members will not perform repairs or upgrades on Personally-owned PC, Laptop, and Mobile Devices. Our assistance is limited to configuring the PC or mobile devices to the NSU wireless network. No program, virus software, or device can prevent all viruses, Trojans, bots, etc. as where the software corruption on your personal computer may be beyond our preview to correct.

In this case please refer to your manufacturer's technical support or another third party for additional repair or assistance.

If you are experiencing problems with your personal computer, laptop, and mobile device you should contact the retailer of the computer as soon as possible.

Opening a Support Ticket

Please have the following information available before you contact the Client Services:

  1. What is the telephone extension you are calling from?
  2. What is the NSU# and serial number on CPU you are having issues with?
  3. Write down the error message, if you have one.
  4. How long of a timeframe is your computer freezing, lagging or etc..?
  5. If it is a system or software issue, which system/software is it?
  6. If it is hardware issues please provide the model number of the failing device.