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All Classes to be Taught Virtually Following Thanksgiving Break 

student in front of a laptop computer

In an effort to ease the burden on our students and their families and minimize the spread of viruses during the busiest travel season of the year, all classes will be taught virtually following the Thanksgiving break. Classes will resume on Monday, November 27, in a virtual rather than in-person format. For the majority of classes, students will be able to complete their coursework and final assessments online. However, in exceptional cases due to the nature of the course or discipline where final exams cannot be conducted online, students may be required to return to campus to complete the exams in person.

The move is part of NSU’s Culture of Care and is aimed at protecting the health of our community and reducing the financial hardship and stress associated with frequent travel to and from campus that students and their families face with the short turnaround between Thanksgiving break and the end-of-the-semester move-out.

During that time, the campus will remain open and all services, such as the library, residence halls, and dining facilities, will be available for students who return to campus.