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Admissions Information

Norfolk State University's commitment to internationalization and global education is reflected in its mission statement: "to provide an affordable, high-quality education for an ethnically and culturally diverse student population, equipping them with the capability to become productive citizens, who continually contribute to a global and rapidly changing society." Our administration, faculty and staff are dedicated to the proliferation of cultural diversity on campus and the promotion of international initiatives and education.

Please read the admissions requirements for your individual program carefully, complete all forms completely, and be sure to send or have sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or the Office of Graduate Studies.

How to Apply

Please apply at least four months prior to the semester for which you wish to enroll. Please be sure to include your email address on your application to expedite the application process.

Placing your name on the application:  Your family name or surname (as it appears on your passport) should be entered as the last name on the application and all supporting documents. Do not use initials. Your name should always be written in the same order on all correspondence, official documents, test scores, etc. Student Identification Number If you do not have a U.S. Social Security Number, NSU will assign you a University identification number. Once assigned an NSU identification number, please include it on all correspondence with the University.

Education Advising Centers: For further assistance with the application process and information specific to your country, please contact your local Education USA Advising Center. The list of educational advising centers is available through the U.S. Department of State website.