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Meet Your Advisors

Meet your advisors

Dr. Karen L. Boyd  Dr. Karen L. Boyd 
  The College of Liberal Arts (Psychology)
 Professional Academic Advisor
 G.W.C. Brown Memorial Hall, Room 216.16
 Phone: 757-823-2933


Paige Edmonds Paige Edmonds 
 The Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work
 Professional Academic Advisor 
 G.W.C. Brown Memorial Hall, Room 335.02
  Phone: 757-823-8996


Danielle Flipping Danielle Flipping 
 The College of Liberal Arts (English and Foreign Languages, Mass Communications and Sociology)
 Professional Academic Advisor
 J. Hugo Madison Hall, Room 218
 Phone: 757-823-2094


Pamela Greene-Stewart Pamela Greene-Stewart
The School of Education
Professional Academic Advisor 
Herman H. Bozeman Hall, Suite 142, Room 144
Phone: 757-823-2513


JaNyta Worrell JaNyta Worrell
The College of Liberal Arts (History and Interdisciplinary Studies,Political Science and the Visual and Performing Arts) 
Professional Academic Advisor
G.W.C. Brown Memorial Hall, Room 211.12
Phone: 757-278-4378

Tips from your advisors 

  • Take ownership of your role in your success!
  • Schedule appointments with your advisor.
  • Introduce yourself to faculty in your department. Build connections.
  • If you don’t know… ask!
  • Manage your time wisely.
  • Participate and engage in class.
  • Take effective notes.
  • Know your learning style.
  • Always ask questions about your academic requirements.
  • Understand that networking is necessary.
  • Keep track of your assignments deadlines in a planner.
  • When things get hard, don’t forget your goals.
  • Always remember, failure is not the end, just an opportunity for growth.
  • Communicate with your professor consistently.
  • Stay on track with your curriculum.