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Student Network

Acceptable Use of Technological Resources



Each dorm room contains at least one ethernet (physical) port to connect your device via an ethernet cable. This is provided to assure students are able to complete the requirements for school. If you do not have an ethernet cable, please contact Client Services to acquire one. If you do not have an ethernet port on your computer, you may be able to acquire one from Client Services. Please contact them for availablitty at

Please note that many rooms have multiple ports on the wall. Not all of them are network ports. Some are telephone ports. Most dorms are setup with one Ethernet port per bed. If there are more than one port per bed, it is most likely that some will not be for connecting to the network. Unfortunately, these ports may not be labeled and figuring out which is for network may take some trial and error. When the rooms get painted, repaired or other updates performed, the labeling gets hidden or removed by the contractor.

When connecting to the Ethernet port, be sure to turn off or disable the wireless interface (AKA adapter, NIC, wifi). This can cause your attempts to get online to fail. What happens is: there are two paths to communicate to the network when Ethernet and wireless are both connected. When the request to get online goes through one path, it may try to come back through the other. Because it comes from a different path, the return of the request is not understood by your computer.

Acceptable Use Policy

The NSU Acceptable Use of Technological Resources, is the main NSU policy that governs ALL data and IT resources. All users that connect to or access IT resources here at NSU must adhere to it. The policy is based on the Commonwealth of Virginia's standards and polices. Everyone should be familiar with it as they are held accountable to it.

Gaming Consoles

Gaming consoles and other devices that are network capable with Ethernet ports can be connected to the wall jack in dorm rooms. For those residence halls with SPARTAN-GAMES wifi available, please see the NSU Wireless page for instructions on connecting to wireless. 

Routers or Wifi Access Points

NSU prohibits the use of personally owned network gear in order to protect you and your data. When these are connected, there is no such thing as security. Anyone can then save all your data, including email, web sites, pages, videos, pictures and anything that can be sent across a network. It is as if you have handed them the keys to everything.