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First Time Students

MyNSU is the portal at Norfolk State University. MyNSU connects students, faculty and staff to information and systems from one point of entry. Colleague, Spartan Self Service, NSU Webmail and Blackboard are all accessible via MyNSU. Also available are the Microsoft Outlook calendar and task list, university announcements, campus news, university events, and departmental sites.

A host of 'Quick Links' to various websites are preset with permissions to add Bookmarks as desired. Students may open Facebook, Twitter and other social networks from MyNSU.  - MyNSU Guide

Step One

Get your user name, temporary password and email address.

  • If you're a new student and do not know your NSU user name, temporary password & email address, please visit Student Information Lookup.
  • You'll be required to enter your First Name, Last Name and Student ID.
  • You can obtain your student ID number from your student ID card or your student registration statement.

Step Two

Change Your Temporary Network Password.

  • Your network password will be used to access MyNSU, email, lab computers, and wireless.
  • Go to myPass and select Change My Password.
  • Enter your user name and temporary password. Click the Logon button.
  • Set your new password and then click the Change Password button.

Step Three

Create a Network Password Reset Profile

  • Go to myPass and select Create/Edit my Profile.
  • Enter your user name and current password. Click the Logon button.
  • Provide answers to 3 questions of your choice. Click the Update button when finished.
  • Once updated, if you forget your network password in the future you will be able to go to myPass and select Reset my Password.

Step Four

Log into MyNSU.

  • Go to the MyNSU login.
  • When prompted enter your user name (for example: j.j.jones) and password then click the Sign In button.

Step Five

Login to Your Student E-mail Account.

  • While you are in MyNSU on the upper left-hand side of the screen you will see the image for NSU Student Office 365.
  • Click on the image.
  • The Outlook Web App window will appear the first time you login.
  • Please select (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) for the Time Zone.
  • Click the OK button.
  • You will then have access to your mailbox.
  • For general help and information regarding your e-mail account please visit: Outlook Help.

Contact Us
If you have issues logging in, please contact Client Services.