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Welcome to the Counseling Center. We are here for you.
The Counseling Center provides a range of free professional services to students to assist with their personal concerns. We provide crisis, individual and group counseling services. Students come to the Counseling Center for a variety of reasons such as adjusting to college, sexual assault, stress management, relationship issues, depression, and other concerns.

In addition, Counseling Center staff provide consultation for the University community including students, parents, faculty and staff on various issues concerning our students and referrals. The Counseling Center provides a variety of outreach programs and workshops to students through the Counseling Center and campus community.

If you would like to schedule an appointment call 823-8173.

Mental health concerns after hours call 823-9000.

Sexual Assault call 352-8121.


The mission is to help students achieve their fullest academic potential by providing culturally sensitive counseling and facilitating student development through their matriculation at NSU. This occurs by:

  • Recognizing that a student's academic performance is almost always impacted by personal history and environment.
  • Respecting the dignity and self-worth of each student.
  • Meeting students where they are regarding their counseling needs and facilitating the change process.
  • Assisting students to identify their most practical and effective change agent.
  • Serving as a mental health resource for the entire University community.
  • Providing campus wide education about issues students may encounter that can challenge productivity as students grow in becoming engaged leaders and productive global citizens.

Our site is designed to provide you with information about our counseling services only and NOT intended to be a substitute for talking with a counselor. We do not counsel students via e-mail nor can we guarantee the confidentially of e-mail communication. The Counseling Center permits emails with students attending counseling solely for scheduling sessions and other services that we offer to students. So, please visit us in the Student Services Building, Room 312, or call us at 823-8173 for additional information.