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Political Science Programs

The study of Political Science is essentially the study of power; notably of its distribution and exercise over the society. Political Science decides who gets what, when and how much in our society. As part of our mission, we strive to empower you by exposing you to the intricacies of public policies and in particular to how they are made and executed. Our ultimate goal is to transform you into a productive citizen who will actively engage in the political process. To this end, the Department of Political Science offers an undergraduate degree program: The Bachelor of Arts in Political Science which can be completed after satisfying all the requirements for the program.


The Department of Political Science offers one undergraduate degree program, the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. The degree is designed to fulfill a wide range of career goals in the field of Political Science. Career areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: Legal Studies, Public Administration, Urban Planning, International Affairs, and U.S. Politics.  Exceptions to degree requirements may be made only with PRIOR written approval of the Provost upon recommendation of the Department Head and College/ School Dean. Exceptions may not exceed six semester hours of academic credit. 


Degree at a Glance

  • Total Credit Hours: 120
  • 40 of which are general core courses
  • 65 political science major requirements
  • 15 general (free) electives
  • Average Class Size: 20 - 35

Requirements for Minoring in Political Science

We also provide an opportunity for degree-seeking undergraduate students to pursue a minor in Political Science. Most students complete a minor in Political Science to complement their major, to provide recognition of study in a second academic area, to meet an area of interest, or to increase job opportunities upon graduation. In order to complete the Minor in Political Science, students can take up to nine (9) credits that are 100 or 200 level courses; however, students must take a minimum of nine (9) credits at the 300 or 400 level making a total of 18 credits hours.

Current Online Course Offerings

  • POS 100.90 (American National Government)
  • POS 180.90 (Introduction to Political Science)
  • URP 292.90 (Urban Planning Law)
  • POS 315.90 (African American Politics)
  • POS 325.90 (American Foreign Policy)
  • POS 451.90 (Public Personnel Administration)
  • POS 463.90 (Politics of African Nations)
  • POS 464.90 (African Crises)