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The Norfolk State University Retirees Association, founded July 12, 2000 under the administration and inspiration of Dr. Marie V. McDemmond, was formed to give structure and official voice to the University’s retirees. Ten energetic and committed retirees, together with a campus representative who served as liaison between the Association and the University, became the nucleus of the planning group for the organization, and the ten volunteer retirees became the Association’s founding members.


The goal of the Association was to involve the retirees in “activities that enhance the image, support the programs, and promote the advancement of the University.” Such activities were intended to include cultural, educational, and social events, as well as leisure time activities.


The pioneers of this Association are as follows:

  • Dr. Samuel Anderson, Professor Emeritus of Chemistry, 1997, 34 years of service
  • Jocelyn Pretlow Goss, Professor Emerita of English, 1978, 32 years of service
  • Thelma M. Hayes, Professor Emerita of Business, 1985, 40 years of service
  • David H. Klein, Associate Professor, English, 28 years of service
  • Dr. Alvin C. Lomax, Asst. Vice Pres. for Student Affairs, Emeritus, 1992, 32 years of service
  • Dr. Naomi H. Morton Pharr, Professor Emerita of Business, 1992, 50 years of service
  • Rice Roberts, Assoc. Professor of Technology, 1990, 28 years of service
  • Dollie Peeples Wells, Human Resources, 1991, 28 years of service
  • Lillie Ruth Wilson, Counseling Services,Instructor, administrator,1981, 15 years of service
  • Dr. Lillian P. Wright, Professor, Consumer Services & Family Studies, 1992, 26 years of service
  • Phyllis Crudup Bryant, University Liaison, 20 years of service