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Register for Services

Students seeking academic accommodations are required to submit documentation verifying their eligibility under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. All documentation is confidential and is never considered a part of the academic transcript. Students with the appropriate documentation may receive accommodations after following these procedures:

  • Students, if you have or think you have a disability, please register for services. Students enrolled at NSU who are applying for OASIS accessibility services for the first time, please use this link to begin the registration process. online form.
  • The OASIS Office will contact the student to schedule an intake appointment with one of our qualified Educational Accessibility staff members. Intake meetings can take place in person or via Zoom calls.
  • During the intake meeting, the student and staff member will discuss the individual needs of the student and appropriate accommodations to be afforded based on documentation and the student's statement of impact.
  • The student will pick the accommodation letter from OASIS office, they should request to meet with their instructors during office hours or another scheduled time to discuss how accommodations will be implemented in each class.

Returning Students

Accommodation Procedures

Once you have successfully registered with the Office of Accessibility Services and International Student Services (OASIS) please follow the procedures below regarding your accommodations:

  • Each semester you should request an updated copy of your accommodation letter.
    • After the request is processed, the letter will be ready for you to pick up and the student take to class for instructors sign your signature sheet.
  • You should reach out to request to meet with them during their office hours, or an alternative time, to discuss the accommodations you have been afforded.

Note: Accommodations are not retroactive. Instructors are only bound to honor your accommodations after they have received and acknowledged your letter.