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Secondary Education and School Leadership


From the Department Chair:

Greetings, and welcome to the Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership (SESL)! Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership members work together to meet the demands of the diverse and ever-changing global environment that we currently live in. We prepare various student groups to enter the world of work as administrators, counselors, and educators. We accomplish this by building the next generation of leaders, big thinkers, and lifetime learners. To do this, we actively work to create a student-centered environment while promoting teaching, scholarship, and service. Teaching and learning are paramount to our work, and we take great pride in utilizing various instructional approaches to encourage critical and analytical thinking, discussion, and engagement. Our engagement in rigorous and impactful scholarship strengthens our ability to be dynamic instructors. We are well-established in the communities we serve and are constantly working to build collaborative partnerships and provide ongoing community engagement and service. It is through these efforts that we foster excellence. We hope you will consider the Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership. We look forward to working with you!


SESL Department Chair

Norfolk State University
School of Education
205 Bozeman Education Building
700 Park Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23504



The Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership (SESL) in the School of Education at Norfolk State University seeks to address the professional development needs of both in-service and pre-service educators. The department historically has focused its attention on those educational issues germane to the urban experience. However, in this rapidly changing age of information, the SESL Department has, in the last few years, expanded its purview and globalized its perspective. The intent is to provide our students with the kind of broad-based learning experiences that build a habit of excellence, equity, and produce a disposition of leadership in Virginia's PreK-12 schools, classrooms, and community aid centers. Such objectives serve as a framework through which the SESL Department functions within the School of Education's preparation of competent, compassionate, collaborative, and committed leaders.


The mission of the Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership is to prepare administrators, counselors, and educators to lead and serve diverse populations in school and community settings.


The vision of the Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership is to have signature programs that develop exceptional administrators, counselors and educators who provide leadership and service in global schools and communities.

​The Department of Secondary Education and School Leadership Values:

  1.  Excellence
  2.  Student-centeredness
  3.  Diversity and inclusiveness
  4.  Integrity and civility
  5.  Leadership
  6.  Engagement
  7.  Teaching and learning
  8.  Scholarship


  1.  To develop school and community leaders with a social justice disposition.
  2.  To train candidates with a formal education and professional characteristics to be   competent, compassionate, and committed school and community leaders.
  3.  To challenge candidates with a global perspective in promoting excellence in the   world community.

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