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PSY 495

Practicum In Psychology is currently an undergraduate elective course in the Psychology Department at NSU. Intended for Psychology students in their senior year of studies, the course provides the student with direct field experience in an applied and supervised setting. Ideally, students should contact mental health-related sites to schedule interviews; however applied settings in education, vocational, occupational, medical, research, or other related environments may be appropriate as well. Students should be seniors in good academic standing and have completed all of their PSY major courses with a C or better (PSY210/211 Intro & Basic Principles; PSY270 Stats; and PSY360 Experimental).

NOTE: It is not expected that students will have completed PSY492 Psych Seminar, although they may take it concurrently with Practicum.

Exceptions for prerequisites will be made by the undergraduate Psychology Practicum Coordinator (PCC) on a case-by-case basis. Prior approval to register for the course is required if you are an exception!

Students are allowed to earn credit for up to 2 semesters of PSY 495 for a total of 6 credits towards their PSY elective requirement (or other graduation requirement as may be applicable).

Students are required to obtain a practicum on their own, although resources are available through the PCC. Requirements for course completion will be outlined in the course syllabus; however general requirements include successful practicum completion based on obtaining requisite training hours (about 8 hours per week for 16 weeks, totaling 128) AND successful completion of the weekly course requirements. Students completing fewer than 128 hours will have that portion of their course grade pro-rated accordingly.

Below are several resources for students currently on practicum and/or seeking practicum in upcoming semesters. Please note that you are highly encouraged to contact practicum sites directly and early, as many sites have limited openings and limited scheduling availability. Contact the PCC with any additional questions or for specific guidance throughout this process.