Student Success Centermentoring

Learning Assistance Programs is excited to have mentors readily accessible to guide students through their years here at the University.  Mentors also help facilitate workshops and events with the First Year Experience, Second Year Experience, Learning Communities, and the NSU Writing Center. Departments, faculty, and staff can request mentors for their events and workshops via the Mentor Request Form found on the resources page.

A mentor is...

  • A knowledgeable and experienced guide who teaches through the commitment to the mutual growth of both mentee and mentor
  • A caring, thoughtful, and humane facilitator who provides access to people, places, experiences, and resources outside the mentee’s routine environment
  • A role model who exemplifies in word and deed what it means to be an ethical, responsible, and compassionate human being
  • A trusted ally, or advocate, who works with the mentee and on behalf of the mentee’s best interests and goals

A mentor is not..

  • A (surrogate) parent
  • A professional counselor or therapist
  • A social worker
  • A playmate or romantic partner