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photos of students in front of the PLSSSC

About the Center

The Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center’s (PLSSSC) leadership, staff and student leaders strive to be the Ideal Spartan Unit and achieve excellence in operations, programs and services aimed at student success. Our mission statement guides us towards these ideals.

We promote student learning and degree completion by providing academic support services and programs that inform, empower and facilitate student success.

We achieve this by:

  • Helping students develop educational plans that meet their academic goals and inspiring adherence
  • Registering students for classes and preparing them to register themselves
  • Providing learning assistance programs (including tutoring and peer mentoring) that help students develop and enhance study skills and complement course instruction
  • Fostering meaningful relationships that focus on the unique growth and development of each student
  • Ensuring compliance with university policies regarding academic success and minimum progress
  • Collecting, distributing and leveraging data regarding students’ academic needs, standing and performance
  • Partnering with faculty, staff and students across campus
  • Promoting inclusivity and diversity
  • Operating with efficiency and cost-effectiveness


  • Model excellence
  • Focus on students
  • Promote diversity and inclusiveness
  • Operate with integrity and civility
  • Develop and support partnerships
  • Pursue continuous improvement
  • Operate as a team
  • Have fun


  • To help students select and adhere to educational plans
  • To help students develop or enhance learning skills and strategies
  • To increase access to and facilitate use of resources
  • To provide opportunities for critical thinking, collaboration and self-reflection