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Academic Technology Support


The mission of Academic Technology Support Services is to provide instructional technology support on the campus of Norfolk State University by assisting students, faculty, staff, administration and visitors with their technological needs within the classrooms.


ATSS provides the campus community a diverse set of technology services including, campus cable television services, technology support services, smart classrooms, and audio and visual equipment. For more information about the services we provide call 757-823-2866.


We support the students, faculty, staff and administration with their technological needs across campus. We troubleshoot, repair, maintain, install, and setup classroom technology, computers, projectors, control systems and small sound reinforcement systems throughout the campus. For support, submit an online Support Ticket to Client Services at Support Ticket or call 757-823-8678. 

Campus Buildings Supported

Fine Arts Building    Bozeman Building
Robinson Technology Center  Woods Science Building
Bowser Building Echols Hall
Brown Hall McDemmond Center
Madison Hall   Nursing & General Education Building
Wilder Center Wilson Hall
Scott Doizer Hall      Student Center
Student Service Center   Residence Halls (as needed)