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Office of Institutional Equity

Statement on Building an Inclusive Community with a Shared Purpose

At Norfolk State University, an inclusive community is one in which there is real, visible and meaningful representation of the diversity evident in the wider community at all levels and in all constituencies on campus (faculty, staff, students, administration). It is a community in which all members feel safe and empowered, valued and respected for their contributions to the shared purposes of the University; research and education excellence.

It is a community where the rights of all individuals and groups are protected. Inclusion occurs when an organization provides equitable access to its services, benefits and opportunities, when systems and structures facilitate full participation by all members and where members are treated equitably and fairly and are recognized for their contributions. The key ingredients are equitable access, participation (especially in decision-making processes) and equal attention to the needs and aspirations of all.

Respect * Collaboration * Diversity

In seeking to build an inclusive community with a shared purpose, Norfolk State University strives to embody these values:

A Respectful Community is one where freedom of expression, belief, and diversity of knowledge occur in a framework of dignity, respect, and public engagement. 

A Collaborative Community is one where participants jointly move the academic vision forward in respectful and non-confrontational ways, having regard for personal and collective safety and well-being. 

A Diverse Community is one that enables us to learn from our differences and that affirms our shared accountability for achieving access, equity, and meaningful inclusion of under-represented groups at all levels of the campus community.

We hope that this website will meet your informational needs, however, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Telework Policy, Telework Requests, and Approval Process

Recently, Governor Youngkin issued a communication indicating that state employees will return to the workplace on July 5, 2022. This order applies to classified staff. Additional guidance will be provided to faculty and Administrative/Professional employees as needed. Updates regarding this new policy will be communicated as soon as they are received.  

Classified employees with current telework agreements must apply for telework-approval by May 20, 2022, with the new Standard Telework Agreement.

The process to submit a request for telework is noted in these following six steps:

  1. All requests must be submitted using the attached DHRM approved form and emailed to
  2. In accordance with the order, all requests to telework must be submitted no later than May 20, 2022
  3. Non-medical requests for telework will be reviewed by management. Eligible positions are determined by the type of work and job requirements of the position. Determinations for telework eligibility will be based on job requirements and the ability of the employee to perform the work duties assigned.
  4. Review and approval of all new telework agreements are to be completed by June 3, 2022.

Please note that Medical Requests as part of an accommodations request based on the American Disabilities Act (ADA) will continue to be reviewed by the Office of Institutional Equity and forwarded to the state for approval. These requests can be submitted by accessing this link. Under Report Types – please select Accommodations Request.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 757-823-8160 if you have any questions.