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Scholarship Opportunities

Institutional Theatre Scholarships &
NSU Theatre Performance Awards

Institutional Theatre Scholarships & NSU Theatre Performance Awards are financial awards for qualified and deserving students in drama & theatre. They can be used to help cover expenses for tuition, room & board and books for students whose efforts exceed those of the average student in the following four areas:

  1. Academic Performance – this area evaluates the ability of a student to balance their primary duty as a scholar, with exceptional participation in drama & theatre. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 semester and cumulative GPA, as well as maintain 15 credit hours of course work each semester.
  2. Time & Effort – this area evaluates the amount of time a student invests in drama & theatre activities.
  3. Talent & Skill – this area evaluates the artistic and technical ability and growth of a student. Students are expected to display either current exceptional talent or skill set or display significant development and growth towards exceptional talent or skillset in an area of drama & theatre.
  4. Professionalism – this area evaluates the ability of a student to honor University conduct rules and regulations. This includes rehearsals, performances, events and any other time a student is officially representing the University.

For incoming freshmen & transfer students, academic performance will be measured by your high school GPA (incoming freshmen) or previous college/university GPA (incoming transfer students); talent and skill will be measured by auditions and interviews for performers and resume/portfolio reviews and interviews for designers, technicians and managers; and time and effort / professionalism will be measured by letters of recommendation.  However, all four areas will be reviewed during the first semester of attendance for continuation of the award for the next semester.

Auditions, Resume/Portfolio Reviews & Interviews
Designers, Technicians & Managers should schedule a Resume/Portfolio Review and Interview, to be conducted in person or by phone, to discuss their experience and/or specific area(s) of interest through the Drama & Theatre Office at (757) 823-0040.

Performers should schedule an interview and prepare two 60-second contrasting monologues. Contrasting monologues should be a combination of two of the following performance styles:

  • Comedic Classical (Shakespeare or Greek)
  • Dramatic Classical (Shakespeare or Greek)
  • Comedic Contemporary
  • Dramatic Contemporary

If a performer can sing, they should also perform two contrasting 60-second songs from any two genres of music.

If a performer can dance, they should also prepare a 60-second dance routine for each genre of dance they are skilled in.

Auditions and interviews can be scheduled through the Drama & Theatre Office at (757) 823-0040.  You do not have to audition and interview in person. If you are auditioning via video submission send a link (not a file) via YouTube, Vimeo or Dropbox for consideration to Professor Anthony Stockard, Drama & Theatre Program Director at: