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NSU Receives ABET Accreditation Reaffirmation for Engineering, Computer Science Programs

Norfolk State University has received the Engineering Accreditation Commission (EAC) of ABET reaffirmation for its undergraduate engineering programs and the Computing Accreditation Commission (CAC) of ABET reaffirmation for its undergraduate computer science program. Two engineering programs, the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Optical Engineering are accredited through 2026 while the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is accredited through September 2024.

ABET is the accrediting body for postsecondary programs in applied science, computing, engineering and technology. NSU’s engineering program has been accredited since 2006 and computer science since 1991.

The accreditation assures that a college or university program meets the quality standards established by the profession for which it prepares its students. Accreditation is a voluntary process on the part of the institution and is important for several reasons including:

For students:

  • Verifying that their educational experience meets the global standard for technical education in their profession.
  • Enhancing employment opportunities, especially with multinational corporations that require graduation from an accredited program.
  • Supporting entry to a technical profession through licensure, registration and certification — all of which often require graduation from an ABET-accredited program as a minimum qualification.
  • Establishing eligibility for many federal student loans, grants, and/or scholarships.
  • Increasing the likelihood for acceptance into graduate or professional schools

For the institution:

  • Receiving international recognition for its quality.
  • Promoting best practices in education.
  • Directly involving faculty and staff in self-assessment and continuous quality improvement processes.
  • Focusing on learning outcomes rather than teaching inputs.

The College of Science, Engineering and Technology has several other specialized accredited programs.

“We have specialized program accreditation for the Nursing Program, the Food Science and Nutrition Concentration, Chemistry, Computer Engineering Technology, Construction Management Engineering Technology and Electronics Engineering Technology,” said Dr. Michael Keeve, the college’s dean. He added that the Nursing Program has received notice that it is accredited until 2025.