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As a Presidential Scholar here at NSU, I have been able to engage with dynamic guest speakers, partake in their journeys to success and witness high-standing ideals of excellence. I have been given new people to look up to and exemplify"

Jordan N. Trias

NSU has a very thorough graduate program invested in their students who will soon be their future colleagues. The university promotes and provides experiential learning opportunities that build confidence in the student body."

Mensah Bey '18

(My experiences) provided me with a great deal of humility, which has helped to positively shape me into the person I am today."

Brigadier General Fletcher V. Washington '92

I would tell others that NSU has a lot of hidden figures. Our STEM program has many connections and great research opportunities. NSU provides both a rigorous academic setting as well as an atmosphere of comradery."

Christopher Banks

As a freshman, Diamond Giles jumped right into campus life.

As a member of a Learning Community during my freshman year, I was afforded the opportunity to travel to New York; Washington, D.C.; and Canada. This was absolutely amazing! We were able to meet new people and embark on several adventures."

Diamond Giles '18

I can only thank God for blessing my sons with the incredible opportunity they received from a wonderful institution in Norfolk State University. I dropped off three boys at NSU, and they all came back mature, hardworking, college educated men"

Princess McFall | P'10,'14,'17
Mother of Paul '10, Aaron '14 and Christian '17 McFall