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Welcome to the tutoring unit of Learning Assistance Programs (LAP)! We are pleased to offer free academic peer tutoring in a variety of courses. 


Students can make appointments via the WCOnline system. After registering for an account and logging in, students should click the advising drop-down and move to the tutoring schedule. Times that appear to be white indicate that the tutor is available. Students also have the capability of limiting the schedule to specific classes by using the "limit to" feature.

Smarthinking 24x7 Online Tutoring

NSU students have free anytime, anywhere access to academic help from experts via Smarthinking. Smarthinking provides 24x7 live, personalized tutoring in core subjects, including basic mathematics to calculus, human anatomy and physiology, computers and technology, accounting, reading comprehension, writing (including for resumes) and Spanish. 

Students can access Smarthinking via Blackboard (under Tools) or by sending an email to

Course Offerings

LAP is pleased to offer tutoring in the following courses:

ACC 201 ACC 202 BIO 100 BIO 105 BIO 100
BIO 165 BIO 166 BIO 260 BUS 175 BUS 260
BUS 270 BUS 284 BUS 376 CHM 110 CHM 210
CHM 215 CHM 221 CHM 223 CHM 224 CHM 321
CHM 322 CJS 310 CSC 150 ECN 200 ECN 211
ECN 212 EEN 100 EEN 101 EEN 102 EEN 201
EEN 202 EEN 231 EEN 301 EEN 401 EEN 475
EEN 482 ENG 101 ENG 102 ENG 114 EEN 203
EEN 207 EEN 210 ENG 285 ENG 286 ENG 303
ENG 315 ENG 350 ENG 383 EXS 355 EXS 447
HED 100 HIS 100 HIS 355 HUM 210 INT 399
MCM 211 MCM 250 MTH 101 MTH 102 MTH 103
MTH 105 MTH 131 MTH 132 MTH 141 MTH 142
MTH 151 MTH 153 MTH 184 MTH 250 MTH 251
MTH 252 MTH 300 MTH 331 MTH 351 MTH 352
MTH 371 MTH 372 MUS 141 MUS 142 MUS 145
MUS 146 MUS 241 MUS 242 MUS 245 MUS 246
PED 287 PED 288 PHY 151 PHY 153 PHY 160
PHY 161 PHY 162 PSY 210 PSY 211 PSY 228
PSY 280 PSY 340 SCI 101 SCM 285 SOC 101
SOC 110 SOC 137 SOC 234 SOC 237 SOC 285
SOC 344 SOC 355 SOC 449 SWK 200 SWK 207
SWK 220 SWK 300 SWK 309 SWK 312 SWK 313
SWK 314 SWK 315 SWK 318 SWK 319 SWK 326
SWK 327 SWK 329 SWK 333 URP 192  

Tutoring Tips

Students should come to the Tutoring Center prepared to become active, independent learners. The following tips will help you, the student, reach your goal of academic success:

  • Bring all applicable class materials (textbooks, notes, handouts, calculators, etc.)
  • Know your student number (0XXXXXX).
  • Turn off your cell phone before your tutoring session begins.
  • Plan ahead—the tutor will be able to assist you more appropriately if you do not wait until the day of or day before the test or deadline.
  • Come to your tutoring session prepared to work on something specific.
  • Ask for help.  Don’t be shy; tutors are here to assist you.
  • Be sure to eat before you come to the Tutoring Center.
  • Get adequate sleep the night before.
  • Think positively!
  • Make sure you’ve made an attempt to complete your work yourself, and that you have at least a basic understanding of what you need help with.  The tutor’s job is to prepare you to do your work independently, not to do your work for you. 

Tutor of the Month - October 2019

sean.jpgThe Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center, Learning Assistance Programs (LAP) would like to offer a special congratulations to Sean Nesbit for being recognized as Tutor of the Month for October! Sean is a senior Physics major here at NSU and also a member of the Robert C. Nusbaum Honors College. Here at the LAP, Sean is one of our stellar Supplemental Instructors and a tutor specializing in Chemistry. In the month of October, Sean had 69 confirmed appointments and only 2 canceled appointments. Sean is an unparalleled example of the ideal tutor. Congratulations Sean!


Tutor of the Month - November 2019

jalen.jpgThe Dr. Patricia Lynch Stith Student Success Center, Learning Assistance Programs (LAP) unit would like to offer a special congratulations to Jalen Alford for being recognized as Tutor of the Month for November! Jalen is a senior Chemistry, Pre-Med major here at NSU who is graduating this fall. Currently, Jalen is one of our lead tutors for the Chemistry Learning Community and a tutor in biology. In the month of November, Jalen had 87 confirmed appointments and all but three of his clients visited the tutoring center more than once. Thank you, Jalen, for all that you do and best wishes on your future endeavors!