We Care. We are committed to serve and protect. Together we can maintain a safe and secure community.

The Norfolk State University Police Department continues to be responsible for the safety and security of all members of the University community. As the department continues to serve and protect, please note that Norfolk State University is a public institution located within the City of Norfolk, Virginia.

Police Brochure

What Should I Do if I Am Stopped by the Police?

A Guide For The Students, Faculty, and Staff Members of Norfolk State University

The Norfolk State University Police Department has deep respect for the diversity of our community. We are committed to serving and protecting our community in a fair and impartial manner that promotes respect and inclusiveness of all members of our community. We are dedicated to protecting the rights of all community members at all times.  read the guide

Safety and Security Campus Report

Safety and Security Campus Report

It is the purpose of the Safety & Security Campus Report to inform the University Community about campus security policies/procedures and provide information on police/security support services and programs. These services have been developed to encourage an environment supportive of education, research, and special activities.

The department encourages all members of the community to follow the suggestions in this booklet, as it will greatly reduce the risk of victimization. Safety and security are personal and shared responsibilities. Effective prevention and reduction of crime require the community's help, support and cooperation.

Don't Wreck Your Degree - Buzz Kill Kickoff Sept 2 at 10:00 a.m. - Student Center

Don't Wreck Your Degree
KICKOFF - Sept 02 - at 10 a.m. - Student Center

The Norfolk State University Police Department will host the launch of the 2016 Virginia Buzzkill (VA Buzzkill) campaign, a joint law enforcement agency awareness initiative to deter underage drinking, and educate everyone about the consequences of providing alcohol to underage individuals. More information

Click It or Ticket It

Click It or Ticket - A Second Chance

When you’re not wearing your seat belt, you’re risking serious injury or death. And unlike a TV show or a movie, there’s no rewinding and no do-overs.  More information

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