B.S. Mass Communications

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Norfolk State University
Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications

Our students have access to intellectual space and practical expertise. Our learning environment is open, inclusive, and designed to help seeking minds to blossom in meaningful ways. We have moved into a splendid, new building equipped with high-tech classrooms, production studios, and student lounges.


The media industries are central to democratic aspiration, for they negotiate and determine public discourse. Our graduates, consequently, can naturally expect to have careers in which they contribute richly to the public discourse. There is gravitas and glamor associated with media careers, but not more than talent, diligence and integrity.

Mass Communications is a quickly evolving discipline, evident in the nature of content and its production and publication, but also in the structure, organization, and best practices of the media industries. It draws theory liberally from other disciplines, primarily Sociology, Psychology, and Culture Studies. It offers students and practitioners a fertile field of inquiry, innovation and ideas. Teaching it calls for specialized equipment, professional experience, and an affinity for criticism and debate, all attributes that, I am proud to state, exist in abundance in our department.