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Meetings are for the purpose of discussion and/or training.  No edits or changes will be made during these meetings unless it is a scheduled training session and the Editor or Contributor are making them.  Permissions will also not be set or adjusted.  Please see:  Making Requests

Location on Campus

Office of Communications and Marketing
Harrison B. Wilson Hall, Suite 340

  • Please do not use for requests - this is for external audiences only.
  • Please do not use for requests - this is for Kentico only.

Kentico Administration

Requests for Debbie Jones:

  • Analytics
  • Assistance - website / system (Kentico)
  • A-Z Index page updates
  • Contact Us page updates
  • Kentico issues
  • Individual Training
  • Questions
  • Permissions to Kentico (forms)
  • Web Page Requests (new, delete, move, archive).

- Debbie Jones - reports to Stevalynn Adams

News & Events

Request for David Booker:

  • Events & News - main page
  • Events -
  • News -
  • Group Training

- David Booker reports to Stevalynn Adams.