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Dr. Hargsoon Yoon

Dr. Hargsoon Yoon

Office: RTC 410K
Office Phone: (757) 823-0051
FAX: (757) 823-2698

Brief Biography
Dr. Hargsoon Yoon earned his Ph.D. degree in Engineering Science from Pennsylvania State University in 2003. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Physics from Yonsei University, South Korea. Dr. Yoon also worked at Hynix Semiconductor Co. as a senior research engineer and a task force leader for system integrated circuit device development for seven years. After working as a post-doc at Pennsylvania State University and a research associate professor at University of Arkansas, he joined the Department of Engineering at the Norfolk State University in 2010 as an associate professor.

Dr. Yoon has developed several flexible polymer nanoelectronic devices and is investigating nanotechnology-based neural sensors and modulators for biomedical applications. His recent research interest is focused on the development of hybrid electronic and optical sensing systems for in-vivo neural sensing in the brain. He serves as an Associate Editor of a Journal, Smart Nanosystems in Engineering and Medicine, and a program committee of SPIE international conference for Nano-, Bio-, Info-Tech Sensors and Systems. Dr. Yoon is also involved in several peer-review processes of internationally reputed journals. Dr. Yoon is a member of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society and SPIE International Society.

Detailed CV of Dr. Yoon

Research Interests
His research interests include:

  • Neural sensing
  • Nano-electronic materials and devices
  • Electronic system integration for implantable sensing​


Recent Publications

  • H. Yoon, H.J. Kim, E. Song, K.D. Song, U. Lee, L.D. Sanford, S.H. Choi, “A Hat-Type Wireless Power Transmission for a Nano-Neural Sensing System, Smart Nanosys. Eng. Med. vol.1, 88, 2012.
  • R. Zhu, G.L. Huang, H. Yoon, C.S. Smith, V.K. Varadan, “Biomechanical strain analysis at the interface of brain and nanowire electrodes on a neural probe, J. Nanotech. Eng. Med., vol.2, 031001, 2011.
  • H. Yoon, P. Hankins, S. Oh, R. E. Haubaugh, V. K. Varadan, “Heterostructured IrO2/Au nanowire electrodes and unit recordings from hippocampal rat brain” J. Nanotech. Eng. Med., vol.1, 021006. 2010.
  • H. Yoon, D. C. Deshpande, V. K. Varadan, T. Kim, E. Jeong, and R. E. Harbaugh, “Development of titanium needle probes for neural recording” J. Nanotech. Eng. Med., vol.1, 011004, 2010
  • Yoon-bio-detailed.pdf

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