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Meet the Team

Dr. Patricia Mead, Professor
Office: MCAR 527  
Phone: 757-823-2697
Area of Research:  Engineering Educational Research, Fiber Optic & Solid State Laser System

Dr.Doyle Temple, Professor
Office: MCAR 501K 
Phone: 757-823-2381
Area of Research:  Professor of Physics and faculty member of the Center for Materials Research where he leads the Quantum Electronics Research Group and the Crystal Physics and Quantum Electronics Laboratory. His research interests include ultrashort pulse laser-matter interactions, quantum materials and devices, quantum computing, and physics education and outreach

Dr. Kyo Song, Professor
Professor and Department Chair
Office: RTC 410M  
Phone: 757-823-8105
Area of Research: Electro-optical Devices & Systems, Wireless Power Transmission, Spectroscopy

Dr. Hargsoon Yoon, Professor
Office: RTC 410K  
Phone: 757-823-0051
Fax: 757-823-2698
Area of Research: Biomedical Nanomaterials, Neural Sensing, Nano-electronic Materials &Devices

Dr. Kevin Santiago, Assistant Professor
Office: RTC 410C 
Phone: 757-823-9185
Area of Research:  Micro/nano fabrication, plasmonic thin films, photonics