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Bay-5 for Device Inspection and Characterization

TEMt.jpgHitachi TEM HT7800

The HT7800 RuliTEM is a 120 kV transmission electron microscope (TEM) with multiple lens configurations, including a standard lens for unsurpassed high contrast and a class-leading HR lens for high resolution.
This breakthrough in advanced innovative design allows for highly efficient workflows and many specialized applications. It represents the cutting-edge solution for modern TEM analyses.


  • Hitachi's Dual-Mode objective lens supports easy observation under low magnification, wide-field high contrast, high resolution, and more—all in one microscope.
  • Normal room light operation and automated functions allow both novice and experienced operators to use the system effectively.
  • Advanced stage-navigation function enables whole-grid searching and efficient image acquisition.
  • Automated image stitching, 3D tomography, STEM, EDX, in-situ, and other options available for a broad range of applications.

ellipsometry.jpgJ.A. Woollam V-VASE UV-VIS-NIR spectroscopic ellipsometer

The VASE® is an accurate and versatile ellipsometer for research on all types of materials: semiconductors, dielectrics, polymers, metals, multi-layers, and more. It combines high accuracy and precision with a wide spectral range – up to 193 to 3200nm. Variable wavelength and angle of incidence allow flexible measurement capabilities, including:
• Reflection and Transmission Ellipsometry
• Generalized Ellipsometry (Anisotropy, Retardance, Birefringence)
• Reflectance (R) and Transmittance (T) intensity
• Cross-polarized R/T
• Depolarization
• Scatterometry
• Mueller-matrix


  • Optical Coatings
    The AutoRetarder® measures Δ accurately even when close to 0° or 180° which helps characterize thin films on transparent substrates, such as glass or plastics. Applications include decorative coatings, anti-reflection and high-reflection layers and stacks, low-emissivity films, electrochromic and photochromic layers and more.

  • Laser optics
    Accurate wavelength selection using monochromator allows measurements at the operating wavelength for optics, e.g. 1550nm, 1310nm, 980nm, 632.8nm, 589nm …

  • Thin FIlms
    VASE is sensitive to layer thickness down to sub-nanometer. For absorbing layers, the VASE allows measurement of SE and Transmission Intensity (T). When analyzed simultaneously, SE + T often allow determination of n, k, and t. For example, this thin metal layer is only 14 nm thick.

    - 1 nm resolution at 15 kV, 1.4 nm at 1 kV
    - 0.5 kV to 30 kV accelerating voltage
    - Magnification from 30x to 800,000x
    - Maximum specimen size = 100 mm
    - Super ExB filter technology
    - Dry vacuum system
    - X+Y motorized eucentric stage with trackball interface (tilt and Z by manual control)
    - Ring-type YAG backscatter detector
    - Bruker Quantax EDS System for X-ray spectroscopy.