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  • All B.S. Chemistry programs provide you with a strong background in chemical knowledge, analytical and laboratory skills, oral and written communication development, and experiences working independently or in a team.
  • B.S. Chemistry degree prepares you for a career in industry and graduate school in chemistry or related disciplines.
  • B.S. Chemistry, Pre-Med degree prepares you for medical, dental, veterinary and other bio-related professional schools.
  • B.S. Chemistry/ M.S. Materials Science is a 5 year program that further prepares students to assume positions of leadership in materials-related jobs.
  • B.S. Chemistry DNIMAS degree offers a rigorous and demanding B.S. Chemistry programs to qualifying students.
  • B.S. Chemistry, Pre-Med DNIMAS offers a rigorous and demanding B.S. Chemistry/Pre-Med program to students who qualify.
  • B.S. Chemistry/ Teacher Licensure combines chemistry and pedagogy, preparing students to work in K-12 education.