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Card Management

Register Your Card

In order to view your SpartanCard balance and check transaction history, please register at: Blackboard Transact.

How to register:

  • Click "Don't have an account? Register"
  • Enter your Sign In Information (you can use any email address and password that you wish, please remember this information)
  • Enter your personal information; click continue
  • Verify your information; click continue
  • You will receive a confirmation email to the address that you  used to register; click on the link in the email or copy and paste it into a new window and search(you may have to check your junk mail)
  • Enter your email address when prompted; click activate then " return to home" when the screen read "Your Sign In Username Has Been Activated"
  • Sign in using your username and password that you created
  • Enter you 7-digit customer number (NSU ID Number) ex: 0123456 (if you are looking at your student ID card you will see an 11-digit card number ex:00XXXXXXX30 the 7 X's represent your customer number). Enter your First and Last name in all CAPS; click register
  • You can now navigate through the site


  • search your system app store for Blackboard E-Accounts (Android) or Blackboard Transact Mobile (iPhone)
  • Download
  • Select NSU when prompted
  • Sign In
  • Use the app

Making Deposits

Once your SpartanCard has been registered, and you registration has been confirmed, you will be able to make deposits to your SpartanBucks account.

Patrons may add money by going to the Cashier's office on the second floor of the Student Service Center, using cash, check or credit; patrons can add cash to their card using the card management center located in the New Student Center or by going online to Blackboard Transact.

Checking Your Balance and Transactions

Once you have registered, you can login to check your balances and transactions. - Blackboard Transact

Maintenance of Your SpartanCard

The SpartanCard is a formatted card and tearing or punching holes in the card will damage it and prevent it from working properly. The replacement fee for a damaged card is $25. Keep your card away from all magnetic fields such as other magnets, bank/ATM cards and cell phones. These can cause your card to become demagnetized, making it unable to function.

Replacing a SpartanCard

The first SpartanCard is issued at no cost to you; however,  every replacement card after that has a replacement fee currently $25 (fee subject to change). Replacement fees are payable to the Cashier's office. If there is enough funds on the SpartanCard SpartanBucks account it can be used to purchase a new card in the SpartanCard Office.

If the card is purchased at the Cashier's office the receipt must be brought to the SpartanCard Office to receive the new ID, OR if the patron has enough SpartanBucks on the  card to cover the charge, then $25 can be deducted from the patron's card in the SpartanCard Office.

For security purposes, patrons are only allowed to possess one SpartanCard. The first SpartanCard received is to be your SpartanCard for the duration of your enrollment at Norfolk State University.

Changing Your Meal Plan

Patrons must contact the Office of Residential Life / Housing regarding all residential meal plan changes.

Financial Aid and Your SpartanCard

Patrons receiving a Financial Aid refund may complete a SpartanCard Authorization form, which allows Financial Aid to be placed on the card for purchases. The SpartanCard Office cannot transfer financial aid to the SpartanCard.

Using Your SpartanCard On or Off Campus

Click the links below for more information regarding using your SpartanCard on or off campus.


The University will refund the remaining balance on your SpartanBucks account upon one of the following conditions:

  • There is at lease a minimum balance of $5 remaining on the card
  • Graduation or separation from the University
  • Your completion of a refund request, which can be obtained from the SpartanCard Office during regular business hours or from the Refund Request form
  • The address on file with the University matches the address of the Refund Request form
  • You have a valid bank account on file with the University (Refunds are don via direct deposit).

If you do not have one on file please update your information on MYNSU before submitting the refund request. Please allow 4-6 weeks from time of processing. - Refund Request Form