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B.A. History

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Bachelor of Arts in History

We offer five curricula in history and three in interdisciplinary studies, plus a minor in history and a minor in African Diaspora Studies.

A degree in History provides students with a critical intellectual framework to assess and understand human affairs. The degree is made up of 120 credit hours that include classes in History, Geography, Political Science among others.

What to Expect as a History Student

Expect to begin developing how to be a creative and flexible problem solver who can make sound judgments and communicate your ideas effectively. Your courses will provide you with the knowledge and understanding of how the major civilizations have shaped human behavior over time and space. You should have a working knowledge and an appreciation of the world's cultural diversity.

Degree at a glance

  • Average Class Size: 20
  • Classes are offered online, evenings, and afternoons.

Where will my degree take me??

The BA in History prepares students for a multitude of job opportunities, including : Archivist, Interpreter, Lawyer, Librarian, Museum Curator, Park Ranger, Policy Advisor, Politician, Researcher, Strategist, Teacher


First Year Credit Hours
SEM 101 and 102 Spartan Seminars 2
ENG 101 Communications Skills I 3
ENG-102 Communications Skills II 3
Foreign Language 111 & 112 or higher 6
MTH-103 College Math or higher 3
PED-100 Physical Fitness or higher 1
HED-100 Personal and Community Health 2
BIO-100 Biology 3
BIO-100L Biology Lab or SCI-101L Physical Science Lab 1
CSC-150 or CSC-200 Computer Science 3
HIS 102 and HIS 103 US History Surveys 6


Second Year Credit Hours
SEM 201 Spartan Seminar 1
HIS-100 and HIS-101 World History  6
HIS-205 Introduction to History 3
FIA 201 or MUS 301 Art or Music Appreciation 3
GEO 130 Principles of Geography 3
SOC 101 Introduction to Social Science or ECN 200 3
POS 100 American National Government 3
ENG 285 Public Speaking 3
ENG 207 or 315, or 316 Literature 3


Third Year

Credit Hours
HIS 335, 336, 370 or 371 African or African American History 3
GEO XXX Geography Elective 3
HIS 3XX or 4XX History Electives* 6
ENG 383 or FIA 370 or MUS 234 African American Literature, Art or Music 3
HIS 305 3 Rs of History 3
HIS 3XX or 4XX History Electives** 6
Electives 6


Fourth Year Credit Hours
Elective 3
HIS 497 Historical Research 3
HIS XXX History Electives (see Skills below) 12
HIS 494 Internship 3
GEO XXX Geography Elective 3
Electives 2

* Choose two courses from the following: HIS-310, HIS-311, HIS-312, HIS-313, HIS-314, HIS-315, HIS-328, HIS-335, HIS-336, HIS-337, HIS-346, HIS-377, HIS-380, HIS-410, HIS-418, HIS-420, HIS-438, HIS-439, HIS-444, HIS-448, HIS-490C

** Choose two courses from the following: HIS-320, HIS-341, HIS-346, HIS-360, HIS-361, HIS-365, HIS-370, HIS-371, HIS 372, HIS-446, HIS-492

Skills/Complementary Topic Focus (choose two of the following tracks – Minimum of 6 Hours each track) (Must be courses not used to fulfill either NSU’s General Education, History Core or History Electives Requirements)

  • Foreign Language: ARA, FRN, JPN, SPN, SWA, RUS – 6 hours at level 100 or higher
  • Technology: GIS course and/or two computer courses 200-400 level
  • Interdisciplinary Studies: INT-308; plus choose one: INT-375, INT-411, INT-412
  • Geography & Spatial Focus: 6 hours in 300-400 level Geography classes
  • Religion Focus: 6 hour in Religion classes
  • Public History Focus: 6 hours of 300-400 level history classes on public history
  • History of Difference/Diversity Studies: 6 hours of 300-400 level History, Geography or Interdisciplinary Studies classes on disability, gender or race (examples: HIS 337, HIS 494M)