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NSU Cleanroom

The Norfolk State University Cleanroom is a world-class facility that engages teams of NSU researchers in partnership with private industry, government laboratories, and other university investigators in the development of micro and nano-scale technologies, including sensors, devices, and advanced materials.

The Norfolk State University Cleanroom is an incubator for the creation of entrepreneurial enterprises that support economic strength in the Hampton Roads Community while supporting world leadership in critical technologies for the United States.



Research AREAS

  • Neural Probes
  • Biosensors
  • Solar Cells
  • MEMS actuators
  • Optical Rectenna
  • Multi-functional Sensors
  • High-K Dielectrics
  • Nano-structures and devices
  • Semiconductor Devices

CLeanroom Location


NSU NANO Cleanroom
Marie V. McDemmond Center for Applied Research
Norfolk State University
555 Park Avenue Norfolk, VA 23504