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B.S./Teacher Licensure

B.S. Chemistry - Teacher Certification

Teacher Licensure Endorsement

Students wishing to pursue a career in teaching must take the following steps:

  • Follow the curriculum for the B.S. Chemistry program.
  • Use the elective hours to take professional courses.
  • See the academic advisor in their major department.
  • See the academic advisor in the Department of Secondary Education and School Leadersip in the Bozeman Education Building, Room 200.
  • Take the PRAXIS test and make a passing score. (See the School of Education PRAXIS Coordinator, JBB 125).
  • Take the following professional education courses (18 semester hours) plus student teaching (12 semester hours). 
  1. SED 201 American Schools and the Teaching Profession
  2. SED 233 Seminar in Assessment and Evaluation
  3. SED 380 Foundations of Methods in Secondary Schools
  4. SED 384 Teaching of Math and Sciences in Secondary Schools
  5. SED 486 Educational Psychology and Behavior Management
  6. SED 499 Directed Teaching and Seminar