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Professional Standards

A Certificate Program For Educational Office Professionals The Professional Standards Program (PSP) is a voluntary program established by the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP) to encourage educational office professionals to grow professionally. The privilege of participation will be open to active and retired members only.

The program is designed as series of five levels in Option 1 and nine levels in Option II. The awarding of a certificate based on education, experience, and professional activity recognizes each level of achievement in the program.

The current highest-level certificate must be recertified five years from issue date or upgraded according to the guidelines to be considered current by NAEOP. The first recertification certificate will be issued May 15, 2007.

A member who holds the Advanced III, Option 1, or Associate Degree or higher under Option II is qualified to apply for the distinction of Certificate Educational Office Employee (CEOE).

The Program is governed by the Professional Standards Program governing body, referred to as the Governing Board. The PSP Committee makes recommendations to the Governing Board. The final decision is made by the NAEOP Board of Directors.