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Event Scheduling

Registered student organizations, faculty, and staff looking to using campus facilities for meetings and/or activities are required to complete a reservation request in 25Live.


For questions please contact Braxton Beaty at

Reserving Space on Campus

The information provided below is intended to assist you in submitting reservation requests via 25Live.

  • First Time Users

    First time using 25Live?

    For Students: To log on use your MyNSU credentials.                                                                     *Reach out to your Student Organization's president to submit a request for access to 25Live.         ONLY registered Student Organizations are permitted to request space on campus. For questions contact Braxton Beaty at

    For Faculty and Staff: Sign in using NSU Portal Log In. Next, send an email to for training instructions and to request access.

    **For event scheduling needs contact Braxton Beaty at

    For Non-University Affiliated Request (External Requests): Please contact Kim Ferguson at

    Please allow 10 business days for necessary approvals.

    Each request requires approval from the following entities:

    1. University Police
    2. Facilities Management
    3. Information Technology Services Support Staff (Required on events requesting technical support)
    4. Student Organization's Adviser (Required for Student Organization requests ONLY)

    Event requests will not be approved if all required approvals are not obtained. 

  • Changes and Cancellations

    Student Organizations/ University Departments: 

    For changes: Log in to 25Live using your MyNSU credentials and locate the event to make changes. Click Edit. Make the necessary changes.                                                                                                          If you are not able to make the necessary changes, please email Braxton Beaty at and include the reference number and the information to be changed. 

    For Cancellations: Email the Event Manager ( and include the event name, date and location of the event. 

    External Requests: Please contact Kim Ferguson at

  • Event Fliers

    Approved fliers are to be posted on bulletin boards only. ONLY information regarding specific university affiliated events (i.e, registered student organizations or university departments) are allowed for posting.

    Posting of fliers is prohibited on windows, doors, lamp posts, brick etc. Failure to follow this policy will subject the organization to disciplinary sanctions.

    All fliers will be checked for: grammatical errors, event information (such as date, time, and location), use of trademarked logos including NSU, and must adhere to Student Catalog guidelines. 

    Please bring a copy of the confirmation to the Event Scheduling Office (Located on the second floor of the Student Center, Suite 201) or the Office of Student Activities & Leadership (Located on the third floor of the Student Center, Suite 323). 

  • Completing an Event Reservation Request

    Event Reservation Requests must be completed via 25Live in order to reserve space on NSU's campus.

    For Student Organizations & University Departments

    To begin a request: 

    1. Log into 25Live.   
    2. Select "Event Wizard" tab
    3. Complete the required fields. (Identified with *)
    4. Read and agree to "Event Request Affirmation"
    5. Click "Save"

    *Your event is submitted for approval, you will relieve final confirmation once all necessary approvals are obtained. 

    For questions please contact Braxton Beaty at

    For External Requests

    Please contact Kim Ferguson at

  • Catering

    All food must be ordered from NSU Dining Services (Thompson Hospitality) prior to the eventNO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED unless you have obtained a written waiver from Thompson Hospitality.

    A completed Business Meal Certification Form, signed by an authorized approver, must be provided to Thompson Hospitality prior to the event.

    Failure to adhere may result in disciplinary sanction and/or fine and failure to reserve space.

    Norfolk State University has an exclusive contract with PEPSI Beverage Company. Only PEPSI products are allowed on the campus.


    Want to request catering at your event?

    For menu items visit the Catering Guide at

    Email all orders to with the follow information:

    1. Point of Contact First and Last name
    2. Phone number
    3. Event date
    4. Event start and end time
    5. Event location (Building, room number)
    6. Number of expected guests
    7. Preferred menu items (See Catering Guide)
    8. Intended method of payment (Credit Card, Purchase Order, etc.)


  • Media Equipment

    All media and technology equipment requests (e.g. TV, Computer, Overhead Projector, and Screen) must be requested via 25Live in the reservation request. 

    The "Requirements" page in the reservation request will list all technology available to request. 

    • Computer
    • Microphone (identify quantity)
    • Projector
    • Remote Clicker
    • Telephone
    • TV Monitor

    For questions regarding media and technology please contact


  • Reserving Outside of the Student Center

    While the Student Center is the "hub" of the campus. There other locations on campus available for reservations. 

    Academic Spaces: All locations reservation request must be requested in 25Live unless notated below.

    1. Edward L. Hamm Fine Arts Building
    2. Nursing and General Education Building: Rooms 101 and 205 must be reserved via June Gordon-White at
    3. G.W.C. Brown Memorial Hall: All Rooms must be reserved via June Gordon-White at
    4. James Hugo Madison Hall
    5. James D. Bowser Building
    6. Herman H. Bozeman Education Building: Room 231 must be approved by the School of Education.
    7. Roy A. Woods Science Building
    8. Robinson Technology Building must be reserved through the Dean of The College of Science, Engineering, and Technology at

    L. Douglas Wilder Performing Arts Center: For more information or to make reservations, Click Here.

    Scott/Dozier Dinning Hall: Reservation request via 25Live.

    Lyman Beecher Brooks Library: For questions regarding space reservations in the library please contact

    If you have any questions regarding any space on campus feel free to contact the Event Scheduling Manager