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Division Vice Presidents

Dr. Justin MosesDr. Justin L. Moses
Vice President for Operations and Chief Strategist for Institutional Effectiveness

Dr. Leroy Hamilton Jr.​Dr. Leroy Hamilton Jr.​
Interim Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Gerald-Hunter.pngGerald E. Hunter
Vice President
Finance & Administration

Deborah-Fontaine.png Dr. Deborah C. Fontaine
Vice President
University Advancement

Michael-Shackleford.png Dr. Michael M. Shackleford
Vice President
Student Affairs &  Enrollment Management

Executive Management

Marty-Miller.png Marty L. Miller
Athletics Director
NSU Athletics

Ericke-S-Cage.png Ericke S. Cage
Executive Advisor to the President and Board of Visitors for Policy, Compliance, and University Ombudsman


Tanya WhiteTanya S. White
Special Assistant to the President

Pamela-Boston.pngPamela F. Boston, Esq.
University Counsel

Harry-Aristakesian.pngHarry Aristakesian
Chief Audit Executive
Internal Audit