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NSU Math Placement Test Information

NSU Math Placement Test Procedures

Automated Online Remote Testing

The NSU Math Placement Test is administered online through the Blackboard learning management system.  The exam requires the download of the secure Blackboard Respondus Lockdown Browser and a web camera.  To access Blackboard, you will be required to log in to MyNSU using the University provided username and password. 

Protection of Student Privacy

Your test session will be recorded for review.  Only authorized Norfolk State University (NSU) staff and faculty will have access to video recordings or other data captured during a student’s online remote proctor session.

The test data can only be accessed by authorized users from within the secure NSU Blackboard Learn environment.  In compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Virginia House Bill (HB) 1, NSU is committed to protecting and safeguarding all data and information collected, stored, and shared during the online remote proctor session.

Contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Client Services at (757) 823-8678 for MyNSU or Blackboard assistance. 




Alternate Test Options

  • For any student who does not have the capability of downloading the Blackboard  Respondus Lockdown Browser, but has a computer or "Chromebook" with a webcam, Testing Services can provide live online remote proctoring through Blackboard Collaborate Ultra or other University authorized web conferencing platform. (See "NSU Live Online Remote Proctor Procedures" below.)

Math Course Placement Exceptions

Transfer Students and students with Advanced Placement (AP) or College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits for advanced math courses are not required to take the NSU Mathematics Placement Test.

The following situations will result in the student being placed in the entry level math course for their designated academic major.

  • If a student has no computer to take the exam, the student will be recommended for the entry level math course for their academic major.
  • If a CSET student takes a Non-CSET exam or if a Non-CSET student takes the CSET exam, because the scores are not transferrable, the student will be recommended for the entry level math course for their academic major.
  • If a student is observed violating NSU math placement test  protocol during the exam session, the student will be recommended for the entry level math course for their academic major.  The student and the academic department chair will be notified of the violation of testing protocol by the Director of Testing Services or designee.

NSU Live Online Remote Proctoring Procedures

Student Responsibilities in Advance of the Online Remote Proctor Session

  1. Schedule the proctor session with the Testing Center at least one week in advance of the exam.
  2. Arrange to test in a well-lit, quiet environment that is conducive to maximum test performance.
  3. Perform a self-test of the computer and browser functionality in advance of the test.
  4. Notify the Testing Center at least two days in advance, or as soon as possible, if it becomes necessary to reschedule or cancel the proctor session.
  5. Arrive to the live proctor session at least fifteen minutes in advance of the scheduled appointment.
  6. Properly position the webcam. The ideal placement of the webcam is a location that allows the proctor to view the student, screen and workstation.
  7. If allowed for the exam, place scratch paper, pencil and other allowed items on the desk or table where the exam will be taken.

Student Checklist for Live Online Remote Proctor Session on Day of Test:

  1. Login into your course – Login and navigate to Bb Collaborate Ultra (either under Tools or Ask the Professor), click the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Link, and then click your designated remote proctoring session.
  2. Join your remote proctoring session – Beginning your proctored session starts with joining your Bb Collaborate meeting session, setting up and testing your camera and microphone, and waiting for your proctor to join.
  3. Confirm your identity - Once Connected to Testing Services – you must confirm your video, and Internet connection quality. You will also be required to show your Student ID or other valid picture ID, and display your testing environment.
  4. Clear cell phones, smartwatches, and all other prohibited devices from the desk or table.
  5. No other computer monitors, screens or tablets should be on during the exam.
  6. Return to your Blackboard Test - Click on Bb Tab (Top of browser) to return to the test canvas where your assessment was located
  7. Start the test - When you click “Begin” you will be prompted for a test password
  8. Enter your Proctor issued password - Testing Services will provide you with a Test Password that will allow you to take your test online
  9. Your camera is to remain on for the entirety of the exam.

NSU Math Placement Test Protocol for Live or Automated Online Remote Proctoring

  • No headsets or earplugs are allowed.
  • All communication devices in the room must be silenced.
  • Students are not allowed to talk or communicate with others during the proctor session.
  • Only the test‐taker is permitted to enter the room once the exam is launched.
  • Consequences for violating testing protocol may result in invalidation of test results.