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Retroactive Withdrawal

retroactive withdrawal


A retroactive withdrawal is available only for extraordinary reasons as delineated below for students who were unable to complete a standard university withdrawal during the semester. An approved retroactive withdrawal will result in a student receiving a grade of "W" in all courses for the approved semester. Requests must be submitted no later than two calendar years from the last day of the semester for which the withdrawal is sought. The Retroactive Withdrawal Committee will provide a written decision within 10 business days. This decision is final.

Basis for a retroactive withdrawal include the following:

  • An illness or injury that significantly limited my ability to withdraw in a timely manner.
  • A health or safety emergency within my immediate family.
  • Permanent disability verified by the Office of Accessibility Services, diagnosed after the semester in question and demonstrated that the problem is pertinent to the request for withdrawal.
  • Other extenuating circumstance(s).