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12 Tips to Help You Thrive in Your First Year of College

Even though you may be still thinking about college, here are some tips for thriving in your first year on campus.

1. Get to know your roommate and others in your residence hall.
2. Use an app, organizer or calendar to get organized.
3. Attend your classes.
4. Make a commitment to get good grades.
5. Know your course requirements and due dates.
6. Visit your professors during their office hours.
7. Take advantage of the study resources on campus.
8. Find your ideal place for studying.
9. Attend campus events or join on-campus clubs or organizations.
10. Keep track of your money.
11. Know that you may get homesick.
12. Seek help through the Counseling Center or Health Center when you need it.

Campus Life Information

Open House

As a freshman, Diamond Giles jumped right into campus life.

As a member of a Learning Community during my freshman year, I was afforded the opportunity to travel to New York; Washington, D.C.; and Canada. This was absolutely amazing! We were able to meet new people and embark on several adventures."

Diamond Giles '18