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Creating & Maintaining Policies

Creating & Maintaining Policies
BOV Policy #1 (2014) Creating and Maintaining Policies addresses the creation and maintenance of all University policies and establishes expectations for accountability; clear, consistent formatting; institution-wide publication; and periodic review and evaluation.

Policy Template
In general, the Responsible Executive or Office prepares a draft of the policy using the Policy Template provided and securing feedback from designated governance groups or individuals as necessary. Each policy type is subject to an approval process, and must be widely publicized or distributed to the University community. - Policy Template

Policies must also be monitored for compliance and effectiveness. As such, a rigorous review process is prescribed in detail for each type of policy.

Classification & Numbering System
BOV Policy #2 (2014) Classification and Numbering System provides the classification and numbering system for policies of the University to ensure understandable, consistent messaging and formatting. The classification and numbering system is designed to enable quick and easy identification, cataloging, referencing and online publication of University policies.