The NSU Website


In order to comply with VITA Policy regarding website change requests, the site owner is required to make requests via email or a signed form. Third party requests or in-person, or meeting request do not meet the criteria for compliance.

Due to limited manpower, the NSU Webmaster is unable to do timed requests. Please submit your request when you would like the ticket to be opened and then placed in queue. 

Requesting a NEW Website

If your grant or project requires a website, please forward that portion of the grants reqirements to the NSU Webmaster for confirmation. The NSU Webmaster will then decide if the website is to be a sub-site of an existing NSU Website, if the site is to be placed on the Intranet (SpartanNet), the extranet or SharePoint.

Please be aware customizations of existing websites are no longer granted. The design will remain intact with no alterations. The NSU Website is moving into a new system. No coding or scripting is currently allowed for newer website content editors and contributors. No new websites will be allowed to be scripted or coded and will be placed in the current design. All scripting or coding at this time, until we move into the new system follows the same guidelines with all requiring approval from the NSU Webmaster.

Editing Department Websites

By default the Department Head is responsible for the accuracy and timely updates of their website content. Each website is required to updated at least once every 30 calendar days.

The Department Head will assign a Website Content Editor and Website Content Contributor. Both of these are required to be current NSU Faculty and Staff.

Access to the Editing System

The new Content Management System (CMS) is called Kentico. The NSU Website Content Editor is required to keep the website up to date on a continual basis and task the website content contributor (now only 1 assignee).  It is important that persons assigned as website editors perform the majority of edits within the site, as well as keep a continual check on quality assurance (review for old content, ensure the links / spelling is checked, etc. The website content editor will use SiteImprove reports to perform these duties, however may turn the actual editing over to the website content contributors.

In order to gain access to the NSU Website Content Management System (CMS), each Website Content Editor (1) and Website Content Contributor (1), must be assigned by the Department Head. See the NSU Website Guidelines for an explanation of the roles.

Please be reminded the new forms are for the new system KEntico and not for Percussion CM1. The current Editors and Contributors will continue to maintain the Percussion Website.


Please be aware that permissions are not removed until either a new Website Content Editor or Contributor form is received. Ensure you read the form in it's entirety before signing.  One form per website, one form per Editor or Contributor. Do not alter the form. Use the forms below, which are the latest versions. 

Once each form is received, the Norfolk State University Webmaster will review them and open a ticket where they go into a queue. The average turnaround time is 2-3 days for an existing website. Forms are required to be turned directly into the NSU Webmaster, in the past, forms have been turned into other parties and lost or misplaced.

The Website Content Editor and Contributor are required to be current NSU Faculty and Staff. There will only be 1 assigned for the new system. In lieu of a Website Content Editor or Contributor, the Department Head is then responsible for ensuring their NSU Website is updated. Access is not available to vendors or third parties.

How to Access the CMS

Only assigned NSU Website Content Editors and Contributors may access the Website Content Management System. A signed form is required for access. Access requests may not be made during meetings or over the phone. This is a state requirement.

On-site Access - NSU Website Editors and Contributors are only able to access the NSU Website Content Management System via a direct access to the Norfolk State University local area network. This can be accomplished by either using a NSU Computer connected to the LAN, or using authenticated NSU wireless. Please note that Students cannot gain access to the Local Area Network using NSU wireless. One work around would be to connect to a LAN port on campus.

Off-site Access - Off campus access is only available to NSU Faculty and Staff who have filled out the VPN portion of the OIT Resource & Authorization Form at OIT Forms.


CMS Training for Kentico will be done through an E-Learning Portal. As of May 22, the Norfolk State University Webmaster will no longer do one-on-one training. Please review the current tutorials for Percussion or send a ticket to webmaster@nsu.edu.

Timely Updates Required

Search engines consider websites not updated for 90 calendar days as abandoned and cease indexing those websites. Due to the impact of this on the entire domain nsu.edu, any website not being updated for at least 60 calendar days will be reviewed for potential removal. Updating a website should understandably include each page within the actual website.

Once a search engine has deemed a website or portion thereof as abandoned, those pages cease to be indexed and even after editing begins again, it can take 90 calendar days for the search engines to begin indexing the site once again. If this becomes a habitual yo-yoing of editing, the search engines will blacklist the site, and cease to index it again.

Web Service Request Forms

Web Service Request forms at this time are being phased out as we move from Percussion to Kentico. 
Forms being discontinued due to services no longer being offered.


Please see the NSU SharePoint Site Listing for a list of SharePoint Sites and the assigned Managers. If you have technical issues with your SharePoint site, please open a ticket with Client Services.

Use the forms below for requesting access or new SharePoint sites. All requests are entered into a queue and take 2-3 working days as a turn around time, on the average. Currently there is no training for SharePoint.

SharePoint Access

The following persons may be granted access to the SharePoint site and are required to have NSU Email addresses:

  • Web Designer - Creates lists, document libraries, customizes pages -- NSU Faculty & Staff 
  • Contributor(s) - Can add content to existing document libraries and links - NSU Faculty, Staff or Current Students
  • Reader - Has read access only - NSU Faculty, Staff or Current Students

SharePoint Forms

Please use the NEW form for new SharePoint sites and the ACCESS Request form for access addition, changes or removals to your current SharePoint site. Incomplete forms will be sent back. Please ensure you indicate the SharePoint site address. 


SharePoint Login

  • If logged into the NSU network > use your NSU userid / password
  • If not logged into the NSU network > use VPN
  • To request VPN > go to OIT forms > fill out the Information Security Access Agreement & turn it into the office listed on the form. 

If either of these fail > but you have been granted permissions - then this means your NSU Password is within 15 days of expiring and you will need to reset it here

If you need permissions > view the SharePoint Site Listing above > fill in the SharePoint Site Access Request form and have the SharePoint Manager (on the SharePoint Site Listing) sign the form. 

Please be aware that the NSU Webmaster can only support SharePoint sites which begin with http://portal.nsu.edu. The Office of Information Technology Server Team supports all others. The NSU Webmaster has no control over the functionality of SharePoint and is unable to add or change how these systems operate.